Dagbani idioms – Yɛltɔɣ’niɣima (Dagbɔŋ idioms)

Dagbani idioms – Aside proverbs, larger part of communication among the Dagbamba rely on idioms.

Strangely, a larger part of Dagbon (Dagbang) idioms are based on human body parts , animals and plants.

It therefore common that, when idioms are said in Dagbon, you’ll often hear the mention of the head ( zuɣu ), ears ( tiba), the mouth ( nɔli), stomach ( puli), arms ( nuu), and others.

Aside the mentioning of human body parts in Dagbon idioms, most other idioms are centered around animals.

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Dagbani idioms pertaining to the head – Yɛltɔɣiniɣima din Jɛndi zuɣu:

  1. Zaɣila zuɣu ka yiŋa
  2. Zaɣila zuɣu bi ŋmɛri chibira
  3. Zaɣila zuɣu nyɔ.
  4. Zaɣila ka zuɣu
  5. Zaɣila mali kpaanzuɣu
  6. Zaɣila mali zuɣu gbulli

Dagbani idioms pertaining to the hand/arm – Yɛltɔɣinima din jɛndi nuu:

  1. Zaɣila nuu bi teera
  2. Zaɣila nuu kpɛma
  3. Zaɣila mali nu’ maha
  4. Zaɣila mali nu’waɣala
  5. Zaɣila nuu bi ʒia

Dagbani idioms pertaining to the stomach – Yɛltɔɣinima din jɛndi puli:

  1. Zaɣila puli bi ŋmɛri pɔhim
  2. Zaɣila mali pu’tɔɣu
  3. Zaɣila mali pu’kparim
  4. Zaɣila mali pu’sabilim
  5. Zaɣila mali pu’piɛlim
  6. Zaɣila puli biɛri zaɣila zuɣu
  7. Zaɣila puli nyo

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Idioms pertaining to the legs – yɛltɔɣiniɣima din jɛndi Napɔŋ:

  1. Zaɣila napɔŋ ka shaafe
  2. Zaɣila mali baa napɔŋ
  3. Zaɣila mali napɔŋ chanda
  4. Zaɣila gbali bi su o
  5. Zaɣila napɔŋ ka gɔrim ni.
  6. Zaɣila ka napɔŋ


Dagbani idioms pertaining to mouth- yɛltɔɣiniɣima din jɛndi nɔli:

  1. Zaɣila noli bi su o
  2. Zaɣila noli ka yɔrigu
  3. Zaɣila mali nangban’ maliŋ
  4. Zaɣila mali nangban’ yoli
  5. Zaɣila mali nangban’ wubilim


Idioms pertaining to the ears- Yɛltɔɣiniɣima din jɛndi tiba:

  1. Zaɣila tibili kpema
  2. Zaɣila mali tipawumli
  3. Zaɣila wumdi tibi ʒiɛhira
  4. Zaɣila wumdi tib’chaɣu.
  5. Zaɣila bi yɛri wumda


 Idioms pertaining to animals or plants – yɛltɔɣiniɣima din jɛndi binkɔbiri bee

  1. Zaɣila nɔhi bi kpɛri ka o yɔra.
  2. Zaɣila wɔhu ŋubirila galige
  3. Zaɣila buri kunduŋ naba
  4. Zaɣila ba buŋa
  5. Zaɣila no tiŋa
  6. Zaɣila ʒini sim’gbuna zuɣu
  7. Zaɣila bi diri bua
  8. Zaɣila mali noo fiɛɣu

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