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The Bang Gari; Dagbon’s Unique Quantum Metallic Bracelet

Millions of dollars are spent by alternative health enthusiasts on metallic bracelets (Bang Gari) for their alleged health benefits. Many bracelet manufacturers market their wares as alternatives to traditional healthcare.

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In recent years, quantum metallic bracelets have grown in popularity as a way to promote healing and well-being. The materials used to make these bracelets are said to help balance the body’s energy and improve overall health. But what are quantum metallic bracelets, and how do they work?

The Bang Gari ; Dagbon's Unique Quantum Metallic Bracelet
Bang gari is made from braided Bronze, copper, and iron

The Quantum metallic Bracelet:

A quantum metallic bracelet is a metal item that is worn on the wrist or ankle. Quantum Bracelets come in different designs and features like magnetic, energy, and tungsten. They also include full metal bracelets, magnetic bracelets, writs straps, partial metal bracelets, metal lookalikes, as well as metal-coated and metal-infused bracelets.

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First, it’s important to understand the concept of quantum physics. Quantum physics is a branch of science that deals with the behavior of matter and energy at a very small scale. It has been found that everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our bodies. Our bodies are constantly interacting with the energy around us, and when this energy becomes imbalanced, it can lead to illness and disease.

The Bang Gari ; Dagbon's Unique Quantum Metallic Bracelet
bracelet made from silver

Quantum metallic bracelets are believed to work by using the principles of quantum physics to balance the energy in our bodies. These bracelets are typically made of metals such as titanium, stainless steel, and copper. These metals are said to have unique properties that can help improve the body’s energy flow.

Titanium is a very strong and lightweight metal that is often used in aerospace and medical applications. It is said to have a high energy frequency that can help improve the body’s energy flow. Stainless steel is another popular choice for quantum metallic bracelets. It is said to be a powerful conductor of energy, which can help balance the body’s energy. Copper, a third popular choice, is believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

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The idea behind quantum metallic bracelets is that the metals used in the bracelet will interact with the body’s energy field, creating a balance in the body’s energy. This balance is thought to improve overall health and well-being. Many people who wear quantum metallic bracelets have reported feeling more energized, less stressed, and less prone to illness.

The Bang-gari – Quantum Metallic Bracelet

Different metals work in specific ways and bracelets all over the world are made of one specific metal. The Dagbon people, who live in the northern part of Ghana, figured out that combining several metals in one bracelet, it would give a combined effect, much greater than a single metal. This led to the creation of a unique bracelet of three vital metals; copper, silver, and iron. The Dagbon people call it “Bang-gari”.

For ages, Dagbon traditional healers have used this unique bracelet to heal several ailments, both in children and adults. In a typical Dagbon society, where traditional medicine holds great significance, it is common to see these bracelets worn by children around their necks and on their waists.

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Traditional healers in Dagbon prescribe different bracelets according to the client’s ailment. The Ban-gari comes in varied displays. There is the “Tahazegu”, which is made of copper or brass.  We also have the “Bang Sabinli”, which is made of iron, and the “Anzinfa”, which is made of silver and has now been widely replaced with Aluminum or stainless steel.  Aside from these bracelets, there is also one which the people refer to as “Mochankpeni”.

All these metallic bracelets have existed in Dagbon and have been used by traditional healers for ages.

bmc fulani child ghana 16x9 1 - Dagbon Kingdom: Your Gateway to the Best of Culture, History & Tourism
A sick child wearing a bang gari

Among adults, the bracelets are commonly worn on the wrist but may also be worn above the elbow or ankles. All these produce different effects.

In recent times, however, many people in Dagbon, especially adherents of the Sunni Islamic sect, see the Bang-gari as a piece of fetish relic.

They see the use of this unique bracelet as being against Islamic practices.

Indeed, aside from the fact that the Bang-gari is largely noted for use by traditional healers, others seem to have found a way to harness the energy these metals produce for more spiritual use. Nonetheless, the Bang-gari is a unique Dagbon invention used by traditional healers for its health benefits.

These traditional healers have however disguised the science behind their methods of healing with rituals that make them appear spiritual.

Scientific proven implication of the Bang-gari Quantum Metallic Bracelet:

It has been widely published that, the Quantum bracelet, of which the Dagbon Bang- gari features prominently, has varied health benefits to the one wearing it.

Besides boosting scalar energy on the body and the promotion of positive flow and balance of energy, the quantum bracelet has been also found to play a vital role in auto agglutination. That is the clumping of one’s red blood cells.  The quantum bracelets, therefore, enhance blood circulation in the body, thereby reducing the possibility of heart attack and other blood-related diseases.

The Quantum bracelet also fights bacteria, viruses, and other antigens that are harmful to the body. By wearing a quantum bracelet, you are less likely to get infections from these harmful antigens.

Aside from the unique scientific marvel that is associated with the Bang-gari bracelets, economically, it is a craft that when given the needed attention can help revive Dagbon’s dying craft market.

Indeed, aside from the health and economic benefit of the Bang-gari, it is also an undeniably part of Dagbon culture and heritage.

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