Dagbon tradition

Culture & TraditionDagomba Clothing & Fashion

The Traditional Dagbon Hats: Types, How It’s Worn And It’s Significance In Dagbon Kingdom

The Traditional Dagbon Hats: Undoubtedly, one of the easiest ways to know the identity of someone is by his or

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HistoryDagomba Clans

The advent of the lunsi in Dagbon State

The Lunsi: The Dagomba ethnic group in the northern part of Ghana, has some of the most enviable and well-preserved

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Dagbani LanguageCulture & Tradition

Antonyms and Synonyms in Dagbani – Dagbaŋ bachilɛba mini Dagbɔŋ bachi liba

Antonyms and Synonyms in Dagbani Antonyms and Synonyms in Dagbani Language – Prominent in the oral literature of the Dagbamba

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