Rocky Dawuni and Alidu Set to Ignite the Linujil Festival in Yendi Municipality

In what promises to be a captivating celebration, the annual Linujil Festival at Bunbong in the Yendi Municipality is gearing up to host international reggae sensation, Rocky Dawuni, and the renowned Mohammed Alidu. This year’s festival, also known as the Bunbong Yam Festival, is scheduled for November 18, 2023, at the Bunbong Chief Palace’s forecourt.

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Rocky Dawuni and Alidu Set to Ignite the Linujil Festival in Yendi Municipality

Rocky Dawuni, a three-time Grammy Nominee, is set to enthrall the audience with his soulful reggae tunes. Joining him on stage is Mohammed Alidu, Tingduya Dagbamba Lung-Naa, and the founder of Bizung School of Music and Dance. The festival, a cultural extravaganza, attracts festive lovers from both local and international communities.

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The Konkomba ethnic group in the Yendi, Saboba, Gushegu, Mion, Chereponi, and Zabzugu Districts annually comes together to celebrate the Linujil Festival. It serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to God for a successful and bountiful harvest season.

In an exclusive interview with, Ubor Wumbe Dawuni, Chief of Bunbong, shed light on the festival’s origins. More than just a musical celebration, the festival was instituted years ago to honor local farmers, promote unity, and boost various socio-economic activities within the community.

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Ubor Wumbe Dawuni emphasized the festival’s broader significance, serving as a platform to engage communities on cultural and traditional values. It also raises awareness about education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and the imperative need for peaceful coexistence to ensure sustainable development.

Rocky Dawuni and Alidu Set to Ignite the Linujil Festival in Yendi Municipality

“This festival inspires the younger generation to uphold the virtues of our forefathers and encourages them to work diligently for the collective interest of the communities and the country at large,” stated Ubor Wumbe.

Beyond the musical performances, the Linujil Festival represents a convergence of cultural celebration, education, and a call for unity and progress. The event extends an open invitation to individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and cultural exchange.

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Ubor Wumbe, addressing the youth, urged them to shun violence and embrace tolerance and togetherness as guiding principles for the betterment of their communities and the nation.

As the Linujil Festival approaches, anticipation builds for a memorable event that transcends entertainment, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry and collective aspirations of the Konkomba ethnic group.

Rocky Dawuni and Alidu Set to Ignite the Linujil Festival in Yendi Municipality

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