Wife of Ya-Na Gariba II Constructs Fire Crew Office and Donates Air Conditioners to Yendi Prisons

Napaga Kaziya Asana Salifu, the wife of Ya-Na Gariba II, the esteemed Overlord of Dagbon, continues to demonstrate her dedication to community welfare and development through her foundation. Her recent endeavors include the construction of a fire crew office for the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) at Yendi in the Northern Region, along with a generous donation of NASCO and ROCH Air Conditioners to the Yendi Ghana Prison Service.

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Constructing a Fire Crew Office for the Ghana National Fire Service

Napaga Kaziya Asana recognizes the vital role played by the Ghana National Fire Service in safeguarding lives and property during fire emergencies, lorry accidents, and other incidents. Acknowledging that government resources alone may be insufficient, she appeals to individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support these crucial organizations. In alignment with her husband’s efforts to bring peace and development to Dagbon, she undertakes the construction of a fire crew office, providing a dedicated space for the GNFS in Yendi. The construction work is set to be completed within a swift four-day timeframe, after which the facility will be commissioned and handed over to the Yendi Ghana National Fire Service.

Napaga Kaziya Asana Salifu, wife of Ya-Na Gariba II

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Supporting Yendi Prisons with Donations and Nourishment

In addition to the fire crew office project, Napaga Kaziya Asana’s foundation continues to demonstrate its commitment to assisting various marginalized groups. Having previously supported widows, orphans, street children, individuals with disabilities, and underprivileged schools, the foundation now extends its support to the Yendi Prisons. Plans are underway to paint the prison building and provide donations of used clothing and food items.

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Napaga Kaziya Asana attributes the foundation’s success to the generous support of her siblings residing in America.The wife of Ya-Na Abukari II emphasizes that the potential for greater impact lies in a peaceful environment. She appeals to other NGOs to join hands in supporting the welfare and rehabilitation of the prisoners, furthering the mission of her foundation.The Yendi Municipal Assistant Director of Yendi Prison, Mr. Bopam Augustine, expresses heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Director of Prisons and the Yendi Prison Service for the Napaga Kaziya Foundation’s valuable donation.

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The air conditioners will undoubtedly enhance the overall well-being of the prison facility, while the construction of the fire crew office will bolster the capabilities of the Ghana National Fire Service in Yendi. The community acknowledges the invaluable contributions made by Napaga Kaziya Asana Salifu and her foundation, working tirelessly to foster peace, development, and support for those in need.

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