Napaga Kazia Salifu Asana Delivers on Promise: Yendi Fire Service Fire Crew Office Constructed within Record Time

The Wife of Ndan Yaa Naa, Her Majesty Kazia Salifu Asana, has undertaken a commendable initiative by refurbishing the age-long deteriorated Yendi Municipal Fire Service Station. With no major renovations for nearly four decades since its establishment, the station was in dire need of attention and revitalization.

Kazia Salifu Asana Delivers on Promise: Construction of Yendi Fire Crew Office Completed Ahead of Schedule

Prior to this intervention, the fire station had fallen into a state of disrepair. Heavy cracks marred the walls, roof leakages were rampant, the paint had faded, and the facility lacked adequate office space and proper sanitation facilities. These challenges not only hindered the administrative duties of the personnel but also undermined the overall performance of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) in the Yendi municipality.

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A Promise Fulfilled

In a display of dedication to the community, Napaga Kazia Salifu, the Wife of Ndan Yaa Naa, pledged on May 22, 2023, to construct a dedicated fire crew office for the GNFS in Yendi. The construction work was set to be completed within a swift four-day timeframe, after which the facility would be commissioned and handed over to the Yendi Ghana National Fire Service. Today, we witness the fulfillment of that promise.

Kazia Salifu Asana Delivers on Promise: Construction of Yendi Fire Crew Office Completed Ahead of Schedule

The rehabilitation project encompassed various aspects to restore the station to its former glory. A new, spacious crew room was constructed, two water closet-equipped washrooms were installed, the appliance bay was extended, and the office of the Municipal Fire Officer (MFO) received tiled flooring and an air-conditioning system. Additionally, the entire building received a much-needed facelift.

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Gratitude and Appreciation

During the handing over ceremony, ACFO I James Ankrah, the Northern Regional Fire Commander, expressed profound gratitude on behalf of the Chief Fire Officer, management, and personnel, particularly the Yendi Municipal Fire Command, to Napaga Kazia Salifu Asana for her unwavering support. He emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline and professionalism among the personnel while urging them to take great care of the newly refurbished building and fire engine, ensuring their longevity.

Inspired by Napaga Kazia Salifu’s remarkable initiative, the Regional Fire Officer appealed to individuals, benevolent organizations, and philanthropists to emulate her generosity by equipping the service with essential logistics. He highlighted the need for motorcycles and bicycles to facilitate frequent public safety education programs, as well as mechanized boreholes, poly-tanks, office equipment, and any other resources necessary for the efficient functioning of the station.

Kazia Salifu Asana Delivers on Promise: Construction of Yendi Fire Crew Office Completed Ahead of Schedule

A Show of Appreciation to the Overlord

Following the successful rehabilitation, the Regional Fire Commander, accompanied by a team, paid a courtesy visit to Ya Abukari II, the Overlord of Dagbon, at the Gbewaa Palace. During the meeting, they expressed their deepest appreciation for Napaga Kazia Salifu’s invaluable support. The Dagbon King, in turn, offered his prayers for the service’s continued success and reassured them of his unwavering support in their mission to safeguard lives and properties within the community.

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The refurbishment of the Yendi Municipal Fire Service Station stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of Her Majesty Kazia Salifu Asana, the Wife of Ndan Yaa Naa. This transformative endeavor not only addresses the pressing infrastructure needs but also rejuvenates the morale and operational efficiency of the Ghana National Fire Service in the Yendi municipality. It serves as an inspiration to all, calling upon individuals and organizations to contribute generously towards enhancing public safety and supporting those who selflessly protect our communities.

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