Dagbon Tourism Development Project

Dagbonkingdom Tourism Development Project

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Sorry State Of Tourist Site In Dagbon

Dagbon has huge tourists potentials, which have been left undeveloped.

As part of our efforts to contribute to the development of our beloved motherland, the team at Dagbonkingdom has been hunting for tourists sites in Dagbon for the past months.
And we are overwhelmed by the Number of monuments and ecotourists sites which have been left to rot away.

Our mission is therefore to visit and mark out these sites, while we provide proper documentation to serve as basis for its development .

On our own, with your support, we can proper secure these sites preserve them before its full development.

Monolith at Sanshei in the mion district

Dagbonkingdom Tourism Development - Sandstone monolith at Sanzhei, sang
Dagbonkingdom Tourism Development - burial Grounds of Kamshie Naa Zanjina

Grave Site Of Kamshe Naa Zanjina

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - kapok three regrowth from its fallen stem

Triplet Regrowth off the Stem of a fallen Kapok tree at Kpiljini

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - Kamshegu Mystic Mosque

The Mystic Mosque at Kamshegu

The German Cemetery In Yendi

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - German grave yard in Yendi

Grave site of Kambon Naa kpema Ziblim at Adibo

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - Kambon Naa kpema ziblim grave

Hollow Trunk of a Baobab Tree at Kamshegu

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Scenic View On top of the Famous Chirzang hill

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - chirzang hill

Rock formations at Chirzang.

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - chirzang Rocks

Naa Binbiehu Tua at Yendi

Dagbonkingdom.com Tourism project - Naa Binbiehu Tua at Yendi

Grave site of Naa Abdulai Nahubiehu

Dagbonkingdom Tourism development project - Grave site of Naa Abdulai Nahubiehu

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