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Top 10 Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana

The northern part of Ghana has huge potentials for business growth due to factors such as large landmass for production and a growing population. This article highlights top business opportunities in Northern Ghana

Therefore, some businesses, especially those we are about to discuss in this article are highly profitable in the region. If you make the right choice among the businesses we analyze here, you will be successful and will make a lot of money doing business in northern Ghana. Read on as we investigate the following 10 best business opportunities in Northern Ghana. This will certainly show you how to make money in Northern Ghana.

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  1. Agriculture:

Ever imagined how Northern Ghana without so much minerals and crude oil survives in the country alongside her southern counterparts who boast of precious minerals and oil? Agriculture is the secret.

Northern Ghana is indisputably the base of agricultural activities. Although the South is blessed with the most agriculturally friendly weather in Ghana, Southerners seem to have been carried away by the pursuit of mineral revenue and white-collar jobs which is dominant in the region.

And the North on the other hand, despite their weather challenges exploit agriculture and thrive economically alongside the South. Staple foods such as rice, yam, beans, cereals, corn, soya beans etc. are supplied from the Northern region. Also, vegetables such as Carbage, onions, ginger, garlic, carrot, watermelon etc. are also grown in the North.

As a result, both government and donor agencies focus seem to have been shifted to Northern farmers. Farming instruments, seedlings, fertilizers and other farming facilities including money in form of loans, grants and even policies are concentrated in the North. Therefore, it has presented ample opportunities for farmers to succeed in Northern Ghana.

  1. Production of Leather Products:

Leather Products such as shoes, bags, wrist watches, etc. have low production costs because they are produced closer to the raw material. Since animal skins are used to produce leather Products, and animals such as cattle, camel, rams, and many more are available in the North.

Their skins are easily processed as leather to produce the above-mentioned items; the Northern part of Ghana can serve as the production hub for shoes, bags, robes etc. Therefore, if you think of a business, you can do and make profit, think of the production of Leather Products. One of such businesses in Tamale is Zongo Made, they produce Afrocentric wear made from leather. check them out on Instagram ( Zongo Nade )

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Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana - leather sandals from zongo made on instagram
Leather Sandals made from animal hide in Tamale. photo Credit : Zongo Made on Instagram


  1. Vegetable/Groundnuts Oil Production:

Since Groundnuts and vegetables are cultivated in the North, production or refining of vegetable and Groundnuts Oil promises to be highly profitable. Since vegetables such as Carbage, carrot, ginger, garlic, and others are available in the North. Production of vegetable oil in Northern Ghana has potential for high return in investment where you can make money.

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana - Ground nut oil from northern ghana

  1. Truck Hiring Service:

The transportation of cattle, Rams, goats, agricultural goods such as beans, groundnuts, tomatoes, leather, corn, onions, and many more products to other parts of the country makes truck hiring business a money spinner in Northern Ghana.

It would be of high cost for the farmers to afford trucks to transport their agricultural produce to other regions like the South. This makes it possible for Truck Owners to maximise profit as they convey those goods to their designated destinations.

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana

  1. Export of Agricultural Products:

You can take advantage of the availability and affordability of agricultural products in Northern Ghana and establish an export business empire. to export those items to other countries that might need them.

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  1. Food Processing and Packaging:

Another business sector that booms in Northern Ghana is food Processing and packaging business. Since these food items are available in large quantities in the North, processing and packaging them gives them a transformed and modernized identity and makes them duly preserved.

If you establish and run a food processing and packaging business such as the production of dried spices, fruit juices, milk etc. you will make money in northern Ghana. Savannah Foods established by Mrs. Samira Gomba is one of the pioneers of processing and packaging most of our spices and vegetables.

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana - Savannah Foods by Samira Gomda
Some Packaged products from Savannah Foods
  1. Real Estate Business

According to Robert Kiyosaki, a real estate tycoon, ”the real estate business is the road to take”. Can you guess why? These are passive income sources that you can make money from even when you’re asleep. Every entrepreneur dream to retire one day and be financially free. That can only be possible if you build passive numerous income streams like real estate.

The Population of northern Ghana is growing as more businesses are being established here, there is an increasing demand for housing and office spaces. Northern Ghana has one of the best prices for lands with zero litigation issues compared to the southern part.

Maltiti Mahboob an architect is one of the few entrepreneurs investing in this area in Northern Ghana. His company Chief Builders focus on building sustainable housing using local materials such a laterite gravels which has been used in the past by our fore theirs in building their homes.

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Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana
Sustainable home project executed by Chief Builders.
  1. Fashion Designer and Tailoring

This is one of the skill-based start-up business ideas that you can start in Ghana today. Once you have acquired this skill, boom! You’re ready to cash out. Tailoring is now even more lucrative than it has ever been. People sew new clothes often and tailors are highly responsible for this.

Some tailors even advertise their work online using an online marketing strategy that works to attract customers. Yes, some people do this. This is a daily income business in Ghana that anyone can venture into.

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana

  1. Skincare Business

95% of women and about 75% of men use skincare products like cream, soaps, butter, oils, etc. Starting a skincare business is of course one of the lucrative start-up business ideas you can kick off in Northern Ghana. Shea tree which is abundant in northern Ghana is the source of Shea butter which is one of the most important ingredients in making cosmetic products. Interested persons can contact our local women who collect these shea nuts and turn them into butter to partner with them.

Hamamat Montia a former miss Malaika winner has been projecting the use of shea butter cosmetics and she has equally invested in this industry. she and local women from Savelugu produce a wide range of cosmetics products from shea nut. Check out  her website

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana
skin Care products from Hamamat
  1. Livestock Feed Production

If you notice, Ghanaians have embraced agriculture these days like never before and livestock farming is becoming increasingly popular.

But like I always tell people, don’t do what everyone is doing. Instead, you should look for how to provide what everyone is lacking. So instead of going into livestock farming, consider the production of livestock feed that livestock farmers would use to feed their r animals. The northern region has all the products needed in making livestock feed. Such as soybeans, maize, rice husk etc.

Top 10 Top Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana

Wrapping Up Business Opportunities In Northern Ghana

Having a successful business in Ghana to a large extent depends on the individual (what goes well with you). You should consider important factors such as the geographical location of the business and the market demand. Hence, this requires a bit of market research to be done. Also, it is important to do something that you find passion in, that has a great demand and offers a robust profit margin.

Northern Ghana is a good business hub for entrepreneurs to explore. The Growing population and availability of raw material make the North a highly profitable region to invest and make money in Ghana.

As a businessman, looking for areas to invest and make money in northern Ghana, any of the above business ideas will be highly lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business in Ghana Can I Start with GHC 1,000?

There are a lot of businesses that you can start with 10k or less. As highlighted above, the list of start-up business ideas will be a guide to start your business in Ghana today

Can I Start a Business with no Money?

Absolutely. There are a few businesses that you can start with no cash investment. However, you will need to have a computer or mobile phone and a source of internet.

What Business Can I Start as a Student?

As a student, there are lots of businesses you can start, ranging from freelance Content Developers to social media management services to businesses.

What Businesses are Currently in High Demand in Ghana Today?

All businesses highlighted above are in high demand in Ghana. Kindly review the above list of start-up business ideas that are profitable to start in Ghana.


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