About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dagbon Media Foundation, a social enterprise focused on preserving the heritage of the Dagbamba people and promoting tourism in the Dagbon Kingdom. Our goal is to showcase the rich culture and history of Dagbon to the world while providing economic opportunities for the people of the region.

Our organization believes in the power of digital media platforms to disseminate information and educate the global audience about the beauty of Dagbon’s culture and traditions. Our high-quality digital media publishing service produces written articles, videos, audio, and graphics that focus on Dagbon history, cultural practices, tourism, news, and opinion.

At Dagbon Media Foundation, we pride ourselves on accuracy and authenticity. We compile our historical and cultural practices articles from credible sources, including the Lunsi and prominent Dagbon historians and cultural practitioners. We also hire creative authors to compose these pieces in a story-like format that is easy to read and understand, making them more appealing to our target audience, which includes the youth, academics, and people from the diaspora.

We don’t just produce written content – we also create videos, audio, and graphics to showcase the beauty of Dagbon and its culture. We report on newsworthy events in the kingdom that are accurate and fact-checked. Our goal is to make traditional events aesthetically appealing, which aligns with our objective of reviving and promoting forgotten cultural practices.

Dagbon Media Foundation’s digital media publishing service aligns with our vision of becoming the knowledge hub of Dagbon history and culture while projecting the beauty of Dagbon through tourism and traditional event promotion. By generating revenue through this sustainable business model, we aim to reinvest in our organization and the local tourism industry, thereby contributing to the economic growth of the region.

Thank you for visiting Dagbon Media Foundation. We hope you enjoy our content and support our mission to preserve Dagbon’s rich cultural heritage while promoting sustainable tourism in the region.


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Our story

After seven years of being offline, Dagbon Media Foundation has rekindled the flame of our old website, dagbonweb.com. With the help of passionate young people from Dagbon, we’ve revived the idea of documenting and promoting our great kingdom. Join us on this journey of cultural preservation and economic growth.