Aboabo Youth Unite to Eradicate Drugs & Substance Abuse

The youth of Aboabo came together today to address the rising concern of drug and substance abuse within the area. The meeting was held at KANDAHAR office, with the aim of devising effective strategies to eliminate the illegal business and eradicate its roots within Aboabo and its environs.

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Identification of Drug Traders and Two-Week Ultimatum

All those engaged in the illegal trade of drugs and substances were identified and called to the meeting. They were given a two-week ultimatum to halt their activities or face the consequences. The police and opinion leaders were also engaged in the exercise to ensure its success.

Collective Fight Against Drugs and Substance Abuse

The youth are committed to eradicating this canker in society and liberating the younger generation. The group plans to go around the area and destroy all shops, stores, and houses that are used to perpetuate these anti-social activities after the two-week ultimatum.

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A Non-Political and Non-Religious Agenda

The meeting was chaired by Chief Yarinaa Kamil Alhaji Naziru, Mbe Ayuba, and other senior leaders. It was emphasized that the agenda is non-political and free from religious sectionalism. The aim is to unite everyone towards a common goal of eradicating drugs and substance abuse not only in Aboabo but in Tamale in general.

Joining Hands to Weed Out the Canker

The fight against drug and substance abuse is a collective responsibility, and the Aboabo youth are determined to do their part in eradicating this canker. Let us join hands and work together towards creating a drug-free society.

Kumtili Dikpong

A young enthusiastic Dagbana from Yendi. All i wish is to make a positive impact in Dagbon and the world at large. I am an earth science graduate from UDS and my hobbies are researching and photography.