Aboabo Youth Apprehend 2 Drug Peddlers and Destroy Their Hideout

In an impassioned effort to combat the escalating issue of drug peddling and substance abuse, Aboabo youth and the youth of Poloya Fong in the Tamale Metropolis embarked on a resolute campaign within the Aboabo Forest Reserve. Their mission: to eradicate drug peddlers and weed smokers from the forest, aiming to create a drug-free community and protect the vulnerable youth.

Aboabo Youth Apprehend Two Drug Peddlers and Destroy Their Hideout

Dismantling the Trade: Aboabo Youth’s Proactive Approach in Targeting Drug Peddlers and Users

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During the campaign, the determined Aboabo youth dismantled various structures suspected to serve as bases for drug peddlers and users within the forest. This proactive action led to the retrieval of a significant quantity of illicit substances, believed to be marijuana (commonly known as weed) and other abused and contraband drugs

Notably, the Aboabo youth’s unwavering commitment resulted in the apprehension of at least two individuals involved in drug-related activities. These suspects were promptly handed over to personnel from the Food and Drugs Authority, ensuring that they would face appropriate legal consequences.

Apprehending the Culprits: Arrests Made and Handover to Food and Drugs Authority

The core objective of the campaign, as expressed by the Aboabo youth, is to eliminate drug peddlers and users who have long exploited the forest as a haven for their illicit activities. Recognizing the perilous influence of these actions on the youth in their communities, the campaign seeks to prevent their engagement in drug use and trade, safeguarding their futures.

The recent action taken by the youth follows a significant meeting held on May 10th, 2023, at the KANDAHAR office. The gathering aimed to address the mounting concerns surrounding drug and substance abuse within the Aboabo area and its surroundings. With the goal of formulating effective strategies, all individuals involved in the illegal drug trade were identified and summoned to the meeting.

Aboabo Youth Apprehend Two Drug Peddlers and Destroy Their Hideout

During the meeting, those engaged in drug peddling and substance abuse were issued a firm two-week ultimatum to cease their activities or face the full consequences. Collaborating closely with the police and respected community leaders, the initiative aimed to ensure the success of this critical endeavor.

Collaborative Efforts: Police and Community Leaders Join Forces for Success

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The united efforts of the Aboabo and Poloya Fong youth exemplify their determination to create a drug-free environment, free from the harmful influence of drug peddlers and substance abuse. By taking direct action, seizing illicit substances, and making arrests, they demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the welfare and future prospects of their communities, particularly the vulnerable youth population.

This community-led campaign serves as a clarion call to the authorities, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted action against drug-related issues. By addressing the roots of drug peddling and substance abuse, the community seeks to establish a safer and more prosperous environment for all residents.

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